Company Profile

Our Story

In 1996. Souter Tours launched its first office in Cairo. It was originally planned as a tourist transport company. Over the past 02 decades it has maintained a steady growth by increasing its vehicle fleet, its staff and its experience in travel business. Currently, Souter Tours designs and operates all tailor made programs for travel agencies and tour operators in all major markets worldwide. Our ethics in travel are clear as we deliver to our clients what we are committed to. High level and top quality of services are our motto. We have increasingly ecological concerns towards clean and clear local environment.

In the past 02 decades, we have marked the supremacy of our ancient civilization as well as the glimpse of our moderate pricing system. Our motive is to serve our client in the best way and our sole reward is client satisfaction.

Why us?

Since times have changed, so have the means of travel, yet few can deny the charms of returning to the heartland of ancient civilizations, which is why we have focused on providing services to clients arriving in Egypt using our exclusive guides and absolute provisions. We have added 03 branch offices throughout Egypt as well as 15 full time employees and airport tour leaders.

We provide a diverse range of travel services as our client is distinctive entity with different requirements.


Our mission is to give the chance to our tourists to explore our Egyptian destinations, east to west and north to south to the very best. Our tour packages will assist all clients to explore all parts of Egypt whenever possible as planned.

Range of Activity

Souter Tours exposes Egypt tours to all countries on the Globe. Travelers from every nook and corner of the world will enjoy our services which will develop to make us pioneers in the local Egyptian market. Souter Tours offers all services related to travel such as hotels and Nile cruises as well as all sightseeing tours and transfers. Airfare and trains bookings are also parts of our-activities. Souter Tours is not one of the biggest in Egypt. However, it is one of the most reliable travel agencies in our destination.


Souter Tours management team comprises some of the most dynamic and experienced personnel who has an ample experience in the tourism field :

  • Sanaa Helmy, Chairman
    With over 25 years of experience.

    With over 25 years of experience in tourist transport and travel business. The role of chairman is to monitor the rhythm of all departments in the company. There must be a harmony that will lead to success of the whole team. She ensures ethics and professionalism of her team. Also great attention is given to eco-system, wide deserts, natural reserves and unpolluted environment. We are able to merge all magnificent sites alongside focusing on the interest of our main target, the client.

  • Mohsen Shafik, Operation Manager
    With over 30 years of experience.

    I launched my professional career within the field of tourism in 1988 as a tour operator for a leading incentive and conference company, after transitioning to work independently with German-speaking tour groups (1992-1994). With this experience to spur me on, I enhanced my skills in the Hotelier field at the Old Winter Palace Hotel as a Guest Relations Manager, until 1995 when I joined Abercrombie & Kent as a tour operator. In 2004, my experiences led me abroad to Libya to set-up and manage the new branch to generate new opportunities and business in addition to a promotion as Tourism Division Manager. Most recently, using my wealth of experience, I additionally taught fresh graduates at Halwan University – Tourism and Hotel Faculty and have participated and assisted at the Egyptian Federation of Tourist Chambers under a new scheme to develop tourism in Egypt under the supervision of the European Union.

  • Tharwat El Mansoury
    With over 40 years of Travel & Tourism experience.

    Mr. Tharwat El Mansoury joins Souter Tours in the capacity of Travel Consultant to hold the helm and lead the 20 year old company to a higher level of service, quality and professionalism. Mr. El Mansoury's career path is considered to be a true journey of a tourism leader in the Egyptian market. From Misr Travel to Travco Travel, he played over 4 decades a remarkable role in the structure of hotels contracting arena witnessing all the ups and downs of the tourism industry in Egypt. Through his well-built international network with European Tour Operators such as Tui, and the solid relationship and foundation established with almost all Egyptian hotels and resorts, Mr. El Mansoury participated notably to the progress and success of the industry in general and the agencies he worked for in specific.

  • Amr Nabil, Senior Tour Coordinator
    With over 15 years of experience.

    With over 15 years of experience in tourist transport and travel business.

  • Emad Gad, Senior Tour Consultant
    With over 15 years of experience.

    With over 15 years of background experience in the tourism field in Egypt. As Emad can speaks English, French and Italian, it gives to him the ability of working and organizing travels from beginning to end, through booking tickets and accommodation, securing rental transportation etc. for the different nationality of clients. And he Diagnose the clients’ specifications and wishes and suggest suitable travel packages or services for our clients.

Our vision statement

Souter Tours team inspires confidence in travellers providing them with an extraordinary and enjoyable experience. Professionals are at disposal.

Our values

Souter Tours' three basic values are: respect, professionalism and responsibility. Respect: We work as a team, with openness to the ideas and expectations of our colleagues, our customers and our partners. Professionalism: We are professionals on a constant quest for excellence, tackling challenges methodically, efficiently and with integrity. Responsibility: We go beyond our obligations to our customers, our colleagues, society and the environment.