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  • Safari

    Baharryia Oassis

    2 Nights - 3 Days

    Cairo, Bahariya, White Desert, Black Desert and Crystal Mountain

    Day 01:

    4x4 jeep land cruiser morning drive from Cairo to Bahariya (lunch will be on route).

    The Bawiti Museum: The local museum in Bawiti, the main town of Bahariya, boasts a collection of finds from surrounding ruins including golden and painted treasures from the Valley of the Golden Mummies and some of the actual mummies that have been uncovered.

    Tomb of Banantio: See the beautifully painted Tomb of Banantio, an   ancient Egyptian dignitary from the 26th Dynasty. The tomb, not only used by Banantio for his own burial, was later used by the Romans who had rediscovered the tomb and used it to bury their own people.

    Drive to the White Desert.

    Early Evening: Watch the sunset whilst sipping soothing Bedouin tea.
    Dinner: Enjoy an authentic Bedouin camp fire dinner.
    Overnight: Tents are set up directly under the idyllic stars. Take a moment to star-gaze, spot a shooting star or enjoy a clear night sky.

    Day 02:

    Breakfast: Camp breakfast.

    Aqabat: Known as the "Rose Desert" or "Wonders", this cluster of colossal sized wind carved chalk mountains truly is a magnificent sight. Broken away from the surrounding cliffs it is definitely a highlight of the White Desert.

    Ain El Serw: The so-called "magic spring" is a natural spring said to have been in constant use since the time of the Romans.

    Ain Khadra: Twelve to 13 meters (38 – 41 feet) deep, this mini oasis is situated in the midst of all the sand. The mysteries of the desert would not be complete without a visit to an oasis.

    White Chalk Formations: A fantastic illustration of what wind can do, these chalk formations have stood the test of the elements. Hundreds of these eroded white chalk structures are scattered within walking distance. Shaped like animals, these structures are a fascinating site to behold.

    Al Ghelid: Covering a space of about one-tenth the size of a football field, the ground and white rock that have been windswept here form an appearance of lapping waves.

    Lunch: A delicious lunch served at the camp.
    Dinner: A romantic camp fire dinner under the stars.

    Day 03:

    Breakfast: At the camp site.

    Black Desert: An uninhabited region of volcano-shaped mountains, this region is covered in orange-brown sand covered with varying sizes of black stones and rocks, which give it its dark appearance. For those feeling more adventurous climb one of the many soft peaks and enjoy some spectacular views.

    Crystal Mountain: Despite its name this site is less of a mountain and more of a ridge or hill of crystal limestone scattered on the formations themselves and across the ground. A naturally formed arch illustrates the force at which wind can carve through some of nature's strongest structures.

    Lunch boxes will be provided on route.
    Drive back to Cairo.