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  • Aswan Nubian Houses (Anakato)

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    Anakato Nubian Houses

    Started in 2008 , with one exclusive Nubian House on the River Nile in Aswan featuring the authentic Nubian Atmosphere . welcoming , food and well –known hospitality , with our new concept , we present the true paradise for those who love nature , meditation , relaxation and adventure .

    Also it is the perfect choice for a truly memorable honeymoon , offering pure romance and ultimate privacy .

    Today , Anakato Three Nubian Houses ( Wer – Owy – Toski ) or ( One – two –three)  are your gateway into Gharb Sohil , the land of the Nubians .

    The walls of these unique houses tell you a wonderful story of people unchanged by civilization, whose culture , language and history remain untouched and mysterious to outsiders .


    AnaKato Nubian houses are located in Gharb Soheil Nubian Village on the west bank of The River Nile , One-hour flight from Cairo and 15 minutes from Aswan International Airport (10 Kilometres), 25Minutes by boat from Aswan old market (east bank) ,30Minutes by car from Aswan train station  and 25 minutes by motor boat, and 180 Kilometres from Luxor.  

      Anakato , Escape to the conquest of  wonderful Nature & Discover life’s other side

    For more information please contact us on: 01027444260/0221925090