Souter Tours Services

Incoming and Outgoing Holidays

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    Incoming Tourism - Highly customized tour packages

    For your comfort, our packages are based around you and your schedule. By individualizing flight times, picks up, and detailed plans we aim to provide you with a truly unique experience of travel.

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    FIT Travel

    Our pride is based on our flexibility, and in Egypt, our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable Tour Managers are experts at tailoring tour arrangements suited for individual guest requirements.

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    Tour Series and Ad-Hoc Groups

    Souter Tours can operate tour series and ad-hoc groups to exact specifications and, if required, under particular corporate identities. This is by our means to confirm accommodation at competitive prices and our wide range of products and resources.

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    Special Interest and Educational Groups

    We are experienced at creating stimulating and original itineraries for special interest and educational groups, and we can provide dedicated guides and lecturers for ecological, art and cultural tours. This is in addition to themed professional representatives in a wide range of other fields. Our specialized research team, and sophisticated contacts within Egyptian society, ensure that each group can cover the most relevant sights and activities for their requirements.

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    Outgoing Department (Family Holidays)

    We specialize in organizing attractive, „tailor made” interesting vacations and holidays full with activities and enjoyments to more than 35 countries, magnificent islands, Luxury sea cruises and romantic stay on river cruises. We provide our clients all services: transportation, accommodation, transfers as well as honeymoon packages, and sightseeing tours with professional guides. We are able to offer a variety of options so that we can meet client’s needs, however large and small they may be.